Embracing The Relationship Between Technology and Family Law

Reviewed and approved by Kathryn Wayne Spindler

Technology has undoubtedly taken the world by storm. Communication went from landline to cell phone in the blink of an eye. You can even make a phone call from a watch now; how crazy! Technology has touched every part of the world, even family law. 

Client’s Expectations 

Experienced attorneys are getting older, and family law clients are getting younger. With these young clients comes new technology. For example, younger clients often come into the office saying, “look at what I saw on social media” or, “check out this spreadsheet I put together.” As a result, clients expect attorneys to be up to date and savvy with any technology they face. 

Was the Court Affected? 

The courts were initially hesitant with technology, but they now embrace it. The COVID-19 pandemic was a huge turning point. Courts used to think that a phone call to a judge or a FaceTime call or Zoom was informal and wouldn’t do the case justice. Now, these methods of communication are used daily. Think about it; attorneys can be in court for one county in the morning, and another in the afternoon, all thanks to technology. 

What Happened to The Attorneys Who Do Not Use Technology? 

Attorneys who are not growing with technology decrease their effectiveness. Technology helps make many processes more efficient and straightforward, such as filing paperwork with the court. Prospective clients do not want to hire an attorney who seems behind the times. For example, if you noticed one attorney required you to bring files and evidence into scan and email, whereas another used Dropbox, which would you choose? 

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