International Adoption

Many couples, for a wide variety of reasons, turn to international adoption as they seek to grow their families. Prospective adoptive parents must comply with International laws as well as U.S. Immigration policies in order to bring an adoptive child to the United States. With the complex issues involved – including obtaining visas – it is important to have a trusted adoption attorney you can turn to for guidance.

International Adoption Process

International Adoption in Haiti - baby on bedProcedures will vary from country to country. This often manifests itself in the adoption home study, as prospective adoptive parents must comply with the adoption rules of the child’s home country in addition to U.S. and state adoption procedures.

Most countries require that a child be legally recognized as an orphan or be otherwise released for adoption by his or her birthparents before any court action can begin. Also, it is usually required that the adoption be completed in the home country of the child. In most cases, this court adoption will be legally acceptable and valid in the U.S. However, state courts have the right not to recognize the adoption without an adoption decree being entered in the given state. This is why it is important to work with a knowledgeable law firm like Kathryn Wayne-Spindler & Associates who has helped couples through the arduous but rewarding International adoption process.

Travel Assistance

Because International Adoption has so many steps and red tape, we suggest that in addition to legal services, potential adopting parents may want to consider reviewing the advice from a travel company familiar with International Visas and travel restrictions. Although we have not used, we were provided with the following information by one of their researchers: is dedicated to helping travelers see the world safely and keep them protected. We help protect travelers, academics, relief workers, church members, from all over the world, while they accomplish their work, travel, move and achieve their life’s dreams. With all the changes going on, we realized there was a need to provide more complete information in one place about U.S. Visas, how to get them, problems, restrictions, and tips. Over the past months, we’ve worked extremely hard to build what we think is the most complete page on U.S. Visas on the Internet. We built this as a public service for travelers of all types, especially those who have important reasons to travel to the U.S. from abroad. This is useful for people coming here to get medical help, work, see the country, travel with church organizations, visit for academic reasons, bringing adopted children to their new homes, and participate in sporting events. We want all of these travelers to have as much information as possible before they take their actual trip.
We believe this is the most comprehensive page on the Internet about U.S. Visas and the complexities around them. It literally covers everything from what the difference is between the Visa types, how to fill out the applications, photo requirements, work visas, travel visas, fiancé visas, when these are issued, when they need to be renewed, and as much deep information as we could find from our experts to help travelers inform and make it into the country when they have a legitimate reason to do so. We are updating it regularly to keep it as current as possible.
By sharing this knowledge, patients can get to U.S. hospitals, fiances can be brought together, workers can get legal entry into the U.S., tourists can properly visit, refugees can make it into the U.S. and new families can be united.”

Top Countries for International Adoption

Top countries International Adoption Map The number of international adoptions continually fluctuates, but according to the Bureau of Consular Affairs, the most international adoptions in 2013 involved children from:

  • China
  • Ethiopia
  • Ukraine
  • Haiti
  • Russia
  • Nigeria

There are many children in need of good homes and good families in the United States and around the world. International adoption is a way to help a child who is in extreme need while also fulfilling your desire to start or expand your family. To speak to an International Adoption attorney, contact the law office of Kathryn Wayne-Spindler & Associates at 248-676-1000.

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