Open or Closed Adoption

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Open or Closed Adoption?

The amount of openness in adoption is completely up to the parents involved. This can range from an open adoption with a cooperative parenting arrangement to a confidential adoption where the adoptive and birth parents know nothing about each other. There is plenty of space in between to create a hybrid of both that is personalized to the needs of both adoptive and birth parents. As you pursue adoption, it is crucial to understand your options so you can choose what type of adoption best suits your needs. Our attorneys have helped families with open or closed adoption for years. Let us counsel you as make these crucial choices.

At Kathryn Wayne-Spindler & Associates, we represent adoptive parents and birth parents with either open or closed adoption.

Closed Adoptions

A completely closed adoption is an adoption where the birth parents and adoptive parents do not obtain information about each other at any point in the adoption process or post-adoption. Non-identifying facts about the birth parents will be released to adoptive parents — such as medical records — but names, addresses, and other personal information are not exchanged.

Open Adoptions

Open adoption is an adoption where the birth parents and adoptive parents know some information about each other. The degree of knowledge or personal contact is completely up to the parties involved; as a result, there are varying degrees of connection in open adoptions. An open adoption could involve a one-time meeting, exchanging of names or even consistent contact after the adoption is finalized.

Most adoptions are neither entirely open nor completely closed. Whether you choose an open or closed adoption or are able to agree to a hybrid of both, it is important to be properly informed about the choices you have as an adoptive parent or birthparent.

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