Divorce Stress Management

The entire staff of the Milford, Michigan Law Office of Kathryn Wayne-Spindler & Associates is sympathetic to the strain and stress that divorce causes. We try our best to minimize your legal trauma so that you will feel secure that your divorce is being handled expertly and efficiently. Our attorneys are compassionate and understanding with all clients. Even with our best efforts to make your divorce go smoothly and comfortably, we know from years of experience that you will go through an emotional upheaval during the divorce process and divorce stress management is essential. It’s natural and expected. When embarking on marriage dissolution, we counsel our clients to prepare themselves with a strong support system. We also advise having a trusted therapist for overwhelming episodes. When managing divorce stress, it’s important to take care of your health.

divorce stress management person meditating on dock on lakeCommerce Family Law attorney Kathryn Wayne-Spindler recommends clients, “seek out divorce stress management services including massage, exercise, dance, or nutritional counseling when they are going through a divorce or other traumatic legal event.”

Massage Provides Divorce Stress Management

It’s no shocker that divorce and other life-changing legal-matters are emotionally stressful. What does surprise some people is the connection between that emotional trauma and their health. “Experts estimate that upwards of ninety percent of disease is stress-related. And perhaps nothing ages us faster, internally and externally, than high stress,” according to the Essential Massage & Wellness Center in Highland, MI.

The Essential Massage & Wellness Center provides therapeutic massage, CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and acupuncture. Their website explains that, “massage is an effective tool for managing stress, which translates into:Essential Massage and Wellness Center

  • Decreased anxiety
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Greater energy
  • Improved concentration
  • Increased circulation
  • Reduced fatigue

Divorce Stress Management Advice

Divorce Magazine CoverDivorce Magazine is written for people who are contemplating divorce, going through a divorce, or recovering after one. The articles touch on everything from child custody issues to mediation. The articles are arranged in categories. There are forums, videos, and links to service providers in Michigan. Many of the articles have to do with taking care of yourself including articles about sleep, nutrition, and health care.

Nutritional Counseling for Wellness

People tend to fall into one of two categories when going through a stressful life situation – there are “Stress Eaters” and “Stress Fasters.” Each can be detrimental to immunity, wellness, fitness, and sleep. For advice about healthful eating during divorce, contact your local Shaklee distributor.

Please contact our office at 248-676-1000 for references to other trusted local divorce stress management service providers.

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