Prepare for Divorce


scissors cut up marriage certificate prepare for divorceSteps to Prepare for Divorce

Attempt Counseling – Unless circumstances make it impossible, joint counseling should be attempted to reconcile the marriage, even if the end-result confirms your decision to file for divorce. Each party will take comfort knowing an effort to try and save the marriage was made. It will often make the divorce process go more smoothly. Counseling in Michigan is not required.

Consult an Attorney – Once you have decided to proceed with the divorce, make sure you choose an experienced family law attorney with whom you feel comfortable. The divorce process is stressful even if you desire it.

Hire a Therapist – Going through a divorce is one of the hardest things you will do. You are losing your best friend, the person who, in the past, you talked to about everything. It is helpful to find a therapist who is understanding and easy to talk with about what is going in your life. Consider this an essential part of the process as you prepare for divorce.

Keeping Records When You Prepare for Divorce

Obtaining a P.O. Box – It is suggested that as you prepare for divorce, obtains a P.O. Box if you and your spouse are going to continue to reside together during the divorce. Obtaining a P.O. Box will ensure proper delivery of your documents as well as maintain confidentiality as you prepare for divorce.

Keeping a Journal – Write a timeline detailing your marital relationship (i.e., date you began living together, date you were married, your children’s birth dates, any prior separation dates, any prior divorce filings, dates when large assets were acquired, dates when problems began and events that happened.) Discuss the details with your attorney.

Be Aware of Your Assets/Debts – Know What You Own

Make a list of your valuables – Go through your house, room-by-room and make a list and/or take pictures on a digital camera of all the items in each room of your marital home and put a value with each item. Make a spreadsheet listing these items and prioritize which items you wish to keep.

As you are preparing for divorce, make copies of any/all financial statements, tax returns, retirement plan documents, brokerage statements, insurance policies, deeds, bank account records, property tax statements. Do not keep these documents in the marital home. Keep these items in a safe place such as a safe deposit box, with a friend, or at work.

Know your debt – Make copies of mortgages or home equity loan closing documents, financial statements, and other loans. Do not keep these documents in the marital home. Do not create any unnecessary debt and try to make sure your spouse does not create unnecessary debt during the divorce proceedings. Watch the credit card bills and the charges each month for consistency.

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