Spousal Support

hands calculating spousal support on computerSpousal Support in Michigan, also known as alimony, is money paid to the spouse who will be in an inferior financial position after the divorce. Spousal Support is a discussion in every family law case. The legal trend is to award spousal support in Michigan in long-term marriages to the spouse who had to depend financially on the other spouse. Most commonly, spousal support is awarded to the spouse whose lack of job skills makes it difficult to get back on his/her feet after years in the home. Traditionally, that was the wife, however spousal support in Michigan can be awarded to either gender. There is no set rule, if, when, or how much spousal support can be awarded. Over the course of our practice, we have found that alimony has been awarded to one or the other party in about half of the divorces.

Our firm is able to roughly determine whether someone may be able to receive this type of financial support at the outset of your case. You will know at the beginning of the case the likelihood that you will receive support or pay support. Whether you wish to receive spousal support, avoid paying it or avoid paying too much, we can advice you based on our years of handling divorces in Oakland, Wayne, Livingstone, Genesee and Washtenaw counties.

White Lake Divorce Attorney explains Spousal Support in Michigan

Spousal support in Michigan is not calculated the same as child support. It is not guaranteed and there is no set formula. A variety of financial factors are taken into consideration to determine whether spousal maintenance should be awarded on a temporary, conditional or permanent basis including:

  • The duration of the marriage
  • The income of each spouse
  • The couple’s domestic arrangements regarding income and homemaking responsibilities
  • Whether one spouse primarily paid for the other’s schooling or career expenses

Factors for Spousal Support in Michigan

Eleven factors are evaluated by the court when awarding spousal support. The individual who requests spousal support in Michigan must allege facts sufficient to show a need for spousal support and that the opposing party is able to pay/afford support. The Court will consider these factors/guidelines in determining whether spousal support should be awarded to an individual:

  1. the past relations and conduct of the parties
  2. the length of the marriage
  3. the ability of the parties to work
  4. the source of and amount of property awarded to the parties
  5. the age of the parties
  6. the ability of the parties to pay alimony
  7. the present situation of the parties
  8. the needs of the parties
  9. the health of the parties
  10. the prior standard of living of the parties and whether either is responsible for the support of others
  11. general principles of equity

These eleven factors or guidelines do not include extenuating circumstances, such as spousal disability. If there are extenuating circumstances, then the attorney may be able to plead this to the court also.

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