Post Judgment Modification and Enforcement

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White Lake Custody Lawyer Kathryn Wayne-Spindler helps clients with Post Judgment Modification

Just because divorce is final does not mean the family law issues are complete. Family situations are always evolving, and when circumstances change, divorce decrees should change too. Post Judgment Modification is often necessary to change child custody/parenting time, child support, Change of Domicile or spousal support obligations.

If you are seeking to change a divorce order — child custody, child support or spousal support — please contact a family law attorney at Kathryn Wayne-Spindler & Associates, 248-676-1000. Our office is located in Milford, Michigan.

Post Judgment Modification of Court Orders

Over time, circumstances change, especially financial circumstances.  People get new jobs and their incomes increase. People also lose jobs or get hours cut. Significant changes in circumstances like these are often grounds to modify existing support orders. When you are having difficulties financially, we understand the importance of resolving your legal concerns as promptly and favorably as possible. You can count on us to fight for a post judgement modification that will make your life more financially stable.

Enforcing Court Orders

If your ex-spouse is not doing what he or she is ordered to do in your divorce decree, you can bring a post judgment enforcement motion before the court. For example, if your spouse was ordered to sell the marital home or list it with a realtor within 60 days of the divorce and failed, the court can appoint a realtor and receiver to take the asset out of your spouse’s control.

Additionally, if someone is failing to pay child or spousal support, our law firm can help you enforce the support order and request back support or arrears from the other party from the time of filing the motion.

Helping Military and Out-of-State Clients

We represent people all over the United States who have legal cases in Michigan. If you were divorced in Michigan and your ex-spouse still lives here, any post judgment modification or enforcement actions will stay here.

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