Divorce Child

Parents discuss low cost divorce with attorney

Divorce Child

While divorce may be in the best option for you and your family, children of divorce often face a number of hardships unique to their situation. In particular, children are frequently dragged into the battle between mom and dad. During a divorce or child custody dispute, it is important to consider your behavior to minimize the effect this emotional, and often times volatile, the process may have.

A common issue facing children of high-conflict divorce is parental alienation. Children of Parental Alienation Suffer Later in Life. Parental alienation occurs when one parent ‘brainwashes’ their child to hate the other parent by bad-mouthing the parent, spreading lies, or using the child as a pawn in the game of revenge. Such behavior has been shown to prove particularly damaging to children of divorce, often leading to low self-esteem, an inability to trust, substance abuse, and more. At Kathryn Wayne-Spindler & Associates, we know that divorce is an exceptionally emotional time for the whole family. We will fight aggressively for you in court but be compassionate counsel to you and your children.

How can I make this the best possible transition for my child?

At Kathryn Wayne-Spindler & Associates, we know how painful the divorce process can be, for both you and your child. As compassionate counsel, we work to help you keep up with your children’s regular routine, keep conflict away from the child, and help your child find a therapist when necessary.

Is Sole Custody right for me and my kids?

In most cases, joint custody is in the best interests of the children, allowing them to spend quality time with both their parents. However, in some circumstances, sole custody may be best. The key factor in determining whether sole custody is the right choice for your family is how your ex-spouse behaved toward the children during the marriage. For example, if a parent is an addict and has used while taking care of the children, sole custody with supervised visitation rights is likely the best choice. For more information about sole custody, click here. [Link “Sole Custody: Is it Best for Kids?” Blog post]

How the Court’s Treat Children in Divorce Disputes
  • The child’s safety is the paramount concern of courts
  • Once the court knows the child is safe, the court will determine the best custody arrangement possible
  • Courts determine the best custody arrangement for your children based on the 12 Best Interest Factors Michigan Child Custody and Visitation
  • The courts have programs to help you communicate with your ex-spouse regarding childcare matters, such as the Our Family Wizard [link to our family website gov site]

Why isn’t my child being interviewed by the court?

In child custody and divorce matters, the courts prefer not to question the children, especially young children. The courts refrain from questions children for several reasons: The interview process in a legal setting is often stressful and confusing; children are more susceptible to manipulation by the interviewer, and children can be blind to the reality of home life. At Kathryn Wayne-Spindler & Associates, we have developed techniques to not only make your child comfortable during the interview but also to get a true account. To read more, click here. When children are interviewed in legal matters

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