Child support payment

Why Don’t People Pay Child Support?

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When a couple divorces and minor children are involved, the most significant decision affecting the minor children is the child support ordered for payment. A case’s mediator always tries to get the best possible resolution for both parties, although sometimes the parties disagree. 

The Calculation

Michigan child support is calculated based on a strict formula. Elements of the formula include the overnights granted to each parent, each parent’s income, the daycare needs, and health care coverage of the minor children. The amount of support increases with the number of minor children.

Making The Child Support Decision

Working together is encouraged, and the payee should not be the only one with a say in the child support given; the parties must agree. If they disagree, the child support may go without payment, resulting in further trouble. For example, if the payer does not notice how their child support is beneficial or feels they are being told what to do with their money and how to spend it on their child, they may refuse to pay.

Collaboration Is Key With Child Support

The payer should understand how the funds will be used to motivate support payment. Working together should be encouraged, and the payee should not be the only one with a say in the support given. Although, if the payer is the only one with a voice in the order, they may be more reluctant to agree to a modification.

Arguing over money happens, but do not let the children become your messenger pigeons or pawns. The situation is already difficult for the children without the added pressure from the parents. If you are facing a child support disagreement, you should do your best to work with your co-parent, not against them. 

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