Social Media and Divorce

Social media allows us to post every detail of our lives online. By giving us a platform to reveal private information, social media can sometimes help your case. For example, social media can bring helpful evidence to light, such as hidden assets. However, just as it’s not advisable to share your home address or phone number online, you shouldn’t share details of your divorce or child custody dispute on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other online platforms.

Sharing details about your divorce or child custody dispute online can be detrimental to your case. Anything you say online may be brought into court during or after your divorce. Just because your profile is set to private does not mean the court cannot access the information you share in your posts. Aside from just accessing your posts, courts are also able to

Courts can use the information you share on social media to discredit your spousal support requests or to harm your character in child custody disputes. For instance, frequently posting pictures of yourself partying when you’re supposed to be taking care of your children can result in a reduction or loss of parenting time. Further, bashing your spouse on social media may be considered harassment and is typically counted negatively against you in child custody cases, especially if the children are old enough to have access to social media.

Ultimately, the risk of negatively affecting your case is not worth the like. Thus, we recommend that you refrain from using social media while your divorce or child custody dispute is pending. If you want to continue posting about your life, do not post details of the case online.

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