Property Line Disputes

Property Line Disputes

While everyone has a good deal of control over where we live, we don’t always get to choose who lives next to us. Friendly relationships with neighbors can quickly turn into petty disputes that can quickly escalate. Such disagreements can often revolve around or quickly turn into property line disputes.

For most people, location of the exact property line is not an important detail in their every day lives. Short of having a survey done, it’s hard to even pinpoint the exact property lines. It’s not until someone wants to erect a fence, put up a shed, rearrange some landscaping, or make some other use of their property that it becomes important. Having to relocate a fence, move a shed, or even worse, litigate a property dispute with an angry neighbor can be costly and stressful, so it’s important to know where your property line ends prior to making changes to your property.

Commonly accepted boundaries or “well it’s always been there” but simply living there for a longer period does not provide real insight into what the boundary actually is. The only way to know for certain is to have a survey completed which, although costly, may save you legal fees in the future. While boundary disputes can be settled without court action, it can be difficult to reach an amicable agreement with tensions running high. When you are unable to reach a resolution with a neighbor, litigation may be appropriate. Depending on the facts of the situation, there are a variety of causes of action that could be applicable to your case such as quiet title actions, adverse possession actions, or other suits.

Litigation can be messy, drawn-out, and expensive, and it is even worse when you live in close proximity to the person you are fighting against. It’s best to resolve boundary disputes amicably, short of a lawsuit, and the Law Offices of Kathryn M. Wayne-Spindler, P.C. can assist you. We can explore all legal options with you, formulate a plan based on your goals, and resolve your dispute. Please contact our Milford office at (248) 676-1000 to discuss your specific real estate needs. We help clients throughout Southeastern Michigan, including Genesee, Oakland Livingston, Washtenaw, and Wayne Counties, as well as Mid-Michigan in Clare, Gladwin, Ogemaw, and Roscommon Counties. Our experienced attorneys have counseled such clients in Milford, Hartland, Highland, White Lake, Commerce, Walled Lake, Waterford, West Bloomfield, South Lyon, New Hudson, Brighton, Howell, Ann Arbor, Holly, Fenton, Flint, Linden, Clarkston, Houghton Lake, Higgins Lake, Roscommon and many more local communities.


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