Online and Mobile Co-Parenting Tools

Online and Mobile Co-Parenting Tools, Because it is all about the CHILD.

Co-parenting after a divorce or child custody dispute can be substantially more challenging if you have an unorganized parenting plan, are uncooperative, or fail to communicate. For the sake of the children, parents must find ways to effectively communicate, share schedules, and request payments without getting into arguments or harassing each other. While co-parenting courses are great resources, many parents need more, ongoing assistance, especially as the children grow and their needs change. Online websites and mobile apps are becoming the most efficient way for parents to cooperatively and peacefully co-parent. Here are some online and mobile co-parenting tools to help you:

Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard (OFW) is one of the original online co-parenting tools. It is highly recommended and often ordered by Courts in Michigan when parents fail to cooperatively co-parent. OFW has many qualities that make it a leading co-parenting tool, including a calendar to set up parenting time, share activities, and trade days. It also has an information bank, in which you can store and update important documents for your child, such as medical records, photographs, and emergency contacts. Your child’s expenses can also be uploaded and approved on OFW, and e-payments can be made through the website. However, the most unique aspect of OFW is the Tonemeter. The Tonemeter is an “emotional spellcheck” that prevents emails from becoming contentious and nasty, thus facilitating more effective communication. You can also print reports for free and have completely free access to their mobile app. OFW is $99.00 per year, or $179.00 for two years.


AppClose is a free mobile app that promotes peaceful and quick communication between parents and caretakers. Like OFW, the app allows you to upload your parenting schedule to a calendar. In addition, AppClose also allows you to download your co-parenting calendar to your personal calendar, helping you avoid any scheduling conflicts. AppClose has a unique feature called My Circle that allows you to add family members and third parties to the app. Through My Circle, the people you add will have access to whatever important information you choose to share with them, including allergies, homework assignments, and more. Thus, if your child is staying with grandma for the night, she will have access to all the important information your child may need. AppClose also allows you to message one another and create group chats. The messages you send cannot be deleted or altered, encouraging polite communication. Like OFW, you can also request payments for your child’s activities and can export records for free.


2houses is a wildly popular app, used in 163 countries. Like OFW and AppClose, 2houses provides a calendar to upload parenting schedules, events, and visitation. The calendar can also be synced with your personal calendar to avoid conflict. With 2houses you can upload all expenses for each child and the app will break down those expenses into clear charts, showing you where every cent you spend on your child goes. You can also message your child’s other parent, print out the conversations, and archive them online. Like AppClose, you cannot delete any messages you send or receive. The app also has an information bank where you can upload bank information, insurance documents, and more. One of the most rewarding features of 2houses is the secured photo album that allows you to share and download images of your child. 2houses offers a 14-day free trial and is then $12.50 per month.

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